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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my Fashion Blog MIKEELLA !!!

My name is Michaela Adama and I am currently at university studying English Language and Linguistics. I was born in the UK however, I am Nigerian (Calabar ). It is my dream to work in the Fashion/Journalism industry and I am working towards becoming a Fashion Journalist.  Although my blog is primarily fashion-based,  I will be including elements of beauty and lifestyle.


Since I was little I have always had a passion for fashion (IKR cheesy) and the desire for creative writing or writing in general. I was always drawing dresses/gowns and reading loads of books as a child (need to get back to reading lol). The emergence of two passions inspired me to create a fashion blog. Amongst all of these things, I am aspiring journalist and working towards becoming a Fashion Editor.


I would say I don’t have one particular style as I am influenced by a lot of things and like different types of clothes. However, I would consider my style to be girly/tomboy-ish. Lets just say as much as I love my heels as much as I love my joggers lol (I lied the pain is too much). I like to dress up and do the most but, I also love to be comfortable and chill. I will say that I am definitely inspired by the 90s era also. My blog will definitely feature both dressy but chill outfits.

I really love that fashion enables you to express yourself through your clothes. Without saying much you are saying a lot.


Mikeella is the truest pronunciation of my name. For those who do not know I let people pronounce my name as me-kay-la because no one can actually pronounce my name to its truest form without struggling. So I have just got into to the habit of introducing myself as me-kay-la. So after creating names in my head and trying to figure out the perfect name for me, Mikeella just came to me. I thought it was cool how it was the same pronunciation but with a different spelling from ‘Michaela’. It was me with a twist and I like that.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog …


If  you would like to contact me about anything please email me on



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